100 Especial Retro Hit´s By [[-_-]] – DJ GANGAS

100 Especial Retro Hit´s By [[-_-]] – DJ GANGAS

domingo, 28 diciembre 2014

Directamente de las manos de Dj Gangas  nos llega este excelente aportes para todos nosotros lo compartimos con todos uds recuerden siempre de dar los agradecimientos a los aportes que realizamos en el staff de la portalfoxmix te esperamos

saluda atte el staff de portalfoxmix Patricio Dj

Lista De Remixes

1.Amante  – Be My Delight
2.Bar Kays – Freakshow On The Floor
3.Bar Kays – Propositions
4.Bardeux – Thee Time Lover
5.Belinda Carlisle – La Luna
6.Bianca – One More Time
7.Bianca-Midniht Lover
8.Bronsky Beat – Hit Hat Perfect Beat
9.Bronsky Beat – Smaltown Boy
10.Bronsky Beat – Why
11.Bros – When Will I B Famous
12.Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
13.Claudia Barry – Down And Couting
14.Comancero – Comanchero
15.Company – Fascinated
16.Company – Perfect Lover
17.Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round
18.Desireless – Voyage Voyage
19.Destination – Move On Up
20.Devo – Peekaboo!
21.Devo – Time Out For Fun
22.Devo – Whip It
23.Earth, Wind & Fire – System Of Survival
24.Eddy Huntingdon – Meet My Friend
25.Elton John – I Dont Wanna Go On
26.Erotic Exotic – If My Love Does
27.Evelyn Thomas – High energy
28.Expose – Megamix
29.Expose – Point Of No Return
30.Femminuccie – Bambalina
31.Foxy – Get Off
32.Freez – I.O.U
33.Freez – Pop Goes My Love
34.Fun Fun – Baila Bolero
35.Fun Fun – Color My Love
36.Fun Fun – Gimme Some Loving
37.Fun Fun – Happy Station
38.Herbie Hancock – Rock It
39.Hot Streak – Body Work
40.Jelly Bean – Just Mirage
41.John Rocca – I Want It To Be Real
42.John Rocca – Once Upon a Dub
43.Ken Laszlo – Everybody Is Dancing
44.Kon Kang – I Beg Your Pardon
45.Kool & The Gang – Fresh
46.Lana Pellay – Pistol In My Pocket
47.Leroy Gomez – Get Up Boogie
48.Lime – Baby Were Gonna Love Tonight
49.Lime – Unexpected Lover
50.Lime – You Love
51.Martika – I Feel The Earth Move
52.Michael Bow – Love And Devotion
53.Michael Bow – One Shot So Shot
54.Miquel Brown – So Many Man So Litlle Time
55.Modern Rocketry – Cuba Libre (Remix)
56.Modern Rocketry – Deeper n Deeper – (Remix)
57.Modern Rocketry – Deeper n Deeper
58.Modern Rocketry – Y Feel Love Comming
59.Modert Rocketry – Cuba Libre
60.Mori Kante – Yé ké Yé ké
61.Musique – In The Buch
62.Musique – Keep On Jumpin
63.New Order – Blue Monday
64.O.M.D – Dreaming
65.Patrick Hernandez – Born To Be Alive
66.Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom
67.Peter Brown – The Game
68.Peter Jackes Band – 1,2,3
69.Peter Jackes Band – Walking On Music
70.Radio Romance – Everybody Salsa
71.Ready For The World – Oh Sheila
72.Sabrina – Boys
73.Santa Esmeralda – Anhoter Cha cha
74.S-Express – Theme From Spress
75.Shannon – Let The Music Play
76.Sheila e – The Glamorous Life
77.Shy Rose I Cry For You
78.Silvester – Dance
79.Silvester – Do You Wanna Funk
80.Silvester – You Make Me Feel (Remix)
81.Silvester – You Make Me Feel
82.Skakin Stevens – A Little Boogie
83.Stacey Q – I Love You
84.Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts
85.Stacey Q – We Connect
86.Sylvester – Rox The Box
87.Telex – Disco Mosco
88.The Communards – Never Can Say Good Bye
89.The Communars – Donts Leave Me This Way
90.The Nasty Boys – I Was Made For Lovin’ You
91.Thp – Dancing Forever
92.Tia – Boy Boy
93.Tina – Boom Boom
94.Trance Dance – Do The Dance
95.Trans X -Living On Video
96.Two Man Sound – Capital Tropical
97.Voyage – Discotch
98.Yazoo – Dont Go
99.Yazoo – Situation (Remix)
100.Yazoo – Situation


Patricio Dj

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